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digital marketing training & solutions for tasmanian tourism businesses


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Showcasing our devils to tourists worldwide is what Tassie tourism’s about. Well, not necessarily as a furry core business, but Tasmanian tourism operators now have virtually untapped means to share & attract visitors to our nature, wildlife, produce & unique characters, experiences & stories.

That’s where we come in. We guide Tassie tourism businesses through the multi-layered dimensions of digital marketing, providing education & marketing solutions for operators of sizes; great and small.


targeted approach

Our fortnightly classes are planned to ensure key topics & goals are covered, but with industry trends able to change overnight, expect something a little unexpected! Our classes are responsive to both the needs of members and real-time digital opportunities/challenges.

Sessions are structured specifically for Northern Tasmanian Tourism businesses, operators, marketers & managers. The content is very specific & practical examples in this market are used wherever possible.


venues & facilities

Marketing Devil lessons & events operate all over Northern Tasmania. We operate in relaxed, comfortable premises with access to the latest technology & connectivity standard. Devils’ Den members also enjoy access to private coaching on-site.




Our twice-monthly sessions are designed to give tourism business operators relevant, powerful & applicable digital marketing information, habits & strategies that can (and should!) be used in their everyday operations.

We offer monthly, 6-month & 12-month membership options with no cancellation penalties, including a free lesson to get you started!


premium membership

The Devils’ Den is limited to just 30 memberships, offering tourism operators serious about generating leads online & maintaining an ultra-professional digital presence the opportunity to apply their learned strategies under a fully co-managed 12-month digital marketing plan.

Leave the wilderness for our tourists; come in from the digital winter.
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